It is time to Winterize your Grill and Outdoor Kitchen

Even here in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas the chilly cold area does appear. Although for 2021 this year the heat has stayed around longer than normal. Nevertheless, with the New Year right around the corner it is time to winterize your grill and outdoor kitchen area. Their are four specific areas to winterize to keep your grill and outdoor kitchen in tip-top condition.

When you first decide to winterize your grill and outdoor kitchen you will want to deep clean these areas. Over the past several months with barbecues, family gatherings and day to day use- these can get pretty dirty. Deep cleaning your grill contact us, Frisco Pressure Washing and Grill Cleaning to ensure a deep clean is done properly. We have the professional knowledge and tools to ensure the build up bacteria is gone. In addition, your grill tools, outdoor kitchen cabinets (inside and outside) all need to good scrub down. Soak your grilling tools in hot water and dish soap and sanitize all the outdoor kitchen areas you have. If you have a outdoor mini fridge, go ahead and take out all the leftover drinks, condiments, and unused items and sanitize your fridge.

Second, turn off and disconnect your gas connections. This is important if you will have time away form grilling, leaving town, and wanting to fully winterize your outdoor kitchen areas.

Next, go down below where your outdoor kitchen sink is connected, turn this off and drain your sink.

Now, once you have your Grill professionally cleaned and your kitchen is sanitize and ready to winter, you will want to cover everything.

Cover your grilll, sin and refrigerator. This is important to keep all the mud, snow, and dirt off with winter storms approaching.

You can purchase a variety of sizes of covers at many hardware stores and online businesses. Shopping local is

always helpful

Any questions you have on different ways you should winterize your outdoor kitchen and grill, contact Frisco Pressure Washing and we will help you!

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