Maintenance Programs

  • To help keep your home looking great and safe all year and for your convenience, we offer pre-scheduled semi-annual and annual maintenance programs for all services.  With our maintenance programs, we also provide an option for Heating / Air Filter replacement and greasy Range Hood Exhaust Fan Filter and outside Trash Can cleaning.  We are licensed and insured.

Pressure Washing

  • Driveway, Sidewalk, Pool Area, Garage, Patio, Lawn Furniture, Business Store Fronts, Trash Cans.
  • Utilize proper equipment, pressure settings and techniques to clean. Mobile water available.

Soft Washing

  • House Wash, Brick, Stone, Stucco, Fences, Decks, Exterior Gutters, Siding, Business Property.
  • Utilize specialized low-pressure system (PSI) and additives to remove black mildew, green algae, dirt and grime while protecting your home, business and landscaping. Recommend maintenance program.

Grill Cleaning

  • Utilize steam cleaner with 130 degrees of steam scrubbing to clean your Outdoor Grill.
  • We remove all the parts, inspect, deep clean, and then polish unit and outdoor kitchen area. The process takes approximately two hours. Recommend maintenance program.

Window and Glass Cleaning

  • Utilize specialized equipment, tools and formulated solutions to clean home and business windows, screens, tracks, sills and frames to remove dirt, grime, hazy window film, oxidization and calcification / lime or soap build-up from windows and glass Shower Doors. We also clean Solar Panels.
  • We use RO/DI purified water systems for better results. Recommend maintenance program.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • We remove lint and other debris from your dryer vent to lower energy bills and fire risk while improving safety and reducing drying time.  You receive a report of dryer air velocity, temperature and backflow pressure impendence. Recommend maintenance program.