Get Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Frisco, TX

Get Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Frisco, TX

Does your clothes dryer need dryer vent cleaning? Call Frisco Pressure Washing and Grill Cleaning in the Frisco, TX, area to get this important service taken care of.

Why Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Your clothes dryer functions by venting moisture, via heat, to the outside of your home through the dryer vent. The dryer vent is often a hose or tube attached to your dryer that extends through the walls of your home to the vent on the outside, although some dryers may vent to another location indoors.

The inside and outside of your dryer vent should be cleaned regularly to prevent lint buildup. Though most dryers come equipped with a lint catcher that traps most lint before it travels through the vent, the mesh will not catch everything, and buildup will still occur over time. If the vent is not cleaned, this lint buildup will clog your dryer vent and greatly reduce the efficiency of your clothes dryer.

If left unattended, such lint buildup can even become a fire hazard. If you notice a burning smell or that your clothes dryer becomes very hot to the touch during a cycle, you should turn the dryer off immediately and have the vent cleaned before further use.

Why Get a Professional Cleaning?

Every dryer vent, no matter the make of the dryer, is a little different. At Frisco Pressure Washing and Grill Cleaning, we have the equipment and the expertise to clean any configuration of dryer vent. We have the tools to reach deep into the recesses of your dryer vent tubing to get out layers of accumulated lint and grime.

We can even pressure wash any debris from the vent exit, which will return your home’s exterior to its pristine state. So if you are in need of dryer vent cleaning in the Frisco, TX, area, text or call Frisco Pressure Washing and Grill Cleaning at (972) 370-7005.