Do you have a build up of bugs and spider webs?

At Frisco Pressure Washing and Grill cleaning we specialize in Window Cleaning, Grill Cleaning, and Pressure Washing. We have seen it all when it comes to your pressure washing and window cleaning needs.

One topic that you may not have thought about when having the exterior of your home cleaned is- bugs. We often find that bugs and spider webs creep into dark damp places, in corners of shade, and light fixtures. Bugs are attracted to light and make their way to fixtures over your porch and decks.

Homes that are close to the water or heavily wooded areas attract spiders and difficult to remove spider webs, dirt, green algae and black mildew. However, at Frisco Pressure Washing we use high pressure hot water and target these areas. We will be looking for them to remove and keep your home looking clean and refreshed.

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